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Discover the World of Plywood

Meplax is an importer of wooden panels and has been supplying the same within the Benelux for more than 60 years now. Thanks to our wide-ranging and diverse range of panels, we offer customised solutions. Solutions which are made possible by our selective purchasing policy, with the keen eye for high quality and customers needs.

Better ways to better business

Meplax has an unparalleled range of materials in its inventory and a highly organised distribution system. The organisation is characterised by high professionalism. As a result, Meplax delivers Quality in the broadest sense of the term. In addition, consultancy and sharing our knowledge are also very much a part of what we offer to our clients and suppliers.

Independent – with massive resources

Meplax is an independent family owned company and leading importer and distributor of wooden panels in the Benelux. The complete range consists of high quality materials. Meplax can supply all available boards and plywood in various thicknesses and sizes directly from our stock. For this reason, quick delivery times are standard. As a result, you can keep your own inventory at a low level, while being at the same time able to get whatever wooden panel you require at short notice. Your inventory, in short, is safe with Meplax!

Logistics span the world

Thanks to its highly developed logistics network, Meplax can offer you the maximum possible service. The vast variety of the items in the inventory make it possible for Meplax to make quick and accurate deliveries: as far as we are concerned, our job is only complete when we deliver the right products, to the right place, at the right time.

We co-ordinate the movements of multiple (container)ships and trucks all over the world.

To secure our deliveries with great care Meplax has longstanding partnerships with transporting companies. The experienced drivers deliver the products with strict quality requirements and are the final service link between Meplax and its customers.

Partnership : the key to our business

Meplax does not have suppliers. We have partners. Our relationships are for the long term. When business conditions are good we share the rewards. When conditions are tough, our business partners can rely on our support. We use our international experience to help our partners with everything from quality control, certification, sustainability to better supply dynamics.

Protecting the environment

Quality should begin from the very foundations. This philosophy is also the reason why purchasing is such an important part of Meplax. The wooden panels which we supply are sourced from all parts of the world. We insist that our partners follow their country’s regulations on sustainable forestry. All raw materials has to come from legal sources, well managed(certified) forests and comply to the EU Timber Regulation. This is the basis for our purchasers to select materials with a very critical eye for quality, sustainability, reliability of delivery and the best possible price as well.

People before products

Trees are the natural source of our wooden panels. There are thousands of kinds of trees on our planet. Each tree, like people, is a unique individual. Each tree has its own appearance, and each kind of wood has a different character. It is only with longstanding experience, commitment and enthusiasm that one can have an insight into the natural properties of trees and wood. We rely on skilled, motivated and commited team players, generating customer loyalty and partnership.