The Meplax panel and plywood experts are often a forum of debate and discussion on all aspects of product classification and suitability for application.
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What does a CE marking mean on sheet material (plywood / plywood)?

CE stands for a European directive for construction products. CE marking is mandatory for all
building products that are permanently used in construction works.

The basis for this guideline is EN13986. The CE marking says nothing about the quality of sheet materials but gives product information about the application possibilities and the most important properties in the field of structural, fire and user safety, limiting noise pollution, energy saving and hygiene, health and environment. More information in the

Houtwijzer CE markering Plaatmateriaal

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Is Meplax PEFC certified?

Yes, Meplax is PEFC Certified our certificate number is CU-PEFC-848791 valid until 11 December 2021. (PEFC certificaat Meplax 2021)

Warranty conditions

How should I process my Easy Primer warranty plates?

To process the plates correctly, please refer to the processing instructions. (Verwerkingsvoorschriften Easy Primer G10)


A handle for the quality classification of birch plywood.

The qualities of birch plywood are indicated on the basis of the decking.
B (I) - for high or white quality finish (visual work) varnished or unpainted not crammed and uniform in color
S (II) - good quality for paintwork, varnishes and not as a basis for light brown phenol film
crammed and slight color differences
BB (III) - standard quality (crammed) for paintwork, basis for covering with phenol film
transparent or colored, covered with HPL and veneer
WG (IV) - quality where the surface is not important or as the back, crammed and with
liquid wood filled veneer repairs CP designation used in Russia (GOST) for quality conforming to WG
C - quality with no surface requirements and is often used in applications due to
strength properties e.g. in packaging


How should I save my plate material?

Tips for storage of sheet materials

  • Always keep the plates packaged during storage. This protects the plates and ensures balanced moisture behavior and possibly prevents. warp.
  • Use a FIFO (first-in first-out) system to use oldest records first. This
    gives the plates time to adapt to their environment.
  • Always save the same size on the same pallet.
  • Ensure that the plates are stored dry in a stable climate. Covered and
    protected from rain.
  • Always place the plates on a pallet and not loose on the floor.
  • Plates must be stored flat, clean and dry.
  • Never remove plates from their packaging and put them against a wall.
  • Never store plates next to heat fans, open windows or doors.
  • Never store sheets of different sizes on the same pallet.
  • Never store plates outside and expose them to rain.
  • Never store plates directly on a concrete floor. The plates will absorb too much moisture.
  • Never store plates on an uneven floor or surface.


How should Sterling OSB-Zero be processed?

In the accompanying PDF Sterling OSB-Zero adviezen all solutions are included during assembly. If you have additional questions please contact us info@meplax.nl or call +31 (0) 161 45 29 50

Technical information

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